SOME OTHER WAY is an exhibition based on the imminent closure of the Sungei Road Flea Market on 10/7/2017. Notoriously known as the Thieves Market, the space will make way for residential and commercial developments.
Many documental attempts have been made, mostly representing the market as a haven for stolen goods and discarded items. Most of the peddlers have not been given alternative spaces to shift.

Allocated with minimal budget, we executed the collaterals with a direction that writes NO OTHER WAY. Upon peeling off the word NO, one can see the word SOME underneath to find the words SOME OTHER WAY.
Behind each tab, one can find words that relate to the situation – HOME, SHELTER, FAMILY, and more.Designer Joey Tan also spent a day at the crowded Sungei Road Market, where she documented and illustrated human traffic patterns in abstract line patterns. All 1000 illustrations are found at the back page of the flyer.
The reader would then take a read through the situation in more detail and hopefully create a dialogue about the situation and decisions.

The ultimate question is – have we explored the options fully?

The exhibitions runs from 23nd June 2017 – 22nd July 2017 at DECK.