DECK proudly presents artist-in-residence Abednego Trianto in his latest solo exhibition titled From Darkness to Light. In an old Javanese saying, the role of a woman is cooking, dressing and giving birth (masak, macak lan manak). This domesticated role of women is currently being contested and rewritten in the historiography of the colonised Dutch East Indies and post-colonial Indonesia. Through the deconstruction of Raden Ajeng Kartini’s letter titled “From Darkness to Light” and native myths, the model of ‘ideal’ Javanese woman has been uniquely presented through political and social agendas. From Darkness to Light questions the relevance of Kartini as the nation feminist model in the historiography of Indonesia.

Like constantly evolving societal perceptions, the design direction utilises kinetic typography. As perceptions and viewpoints are perpetually in a state of flux, especially with the rise of the feminist movement, the kinetic typography is designed to reflect the change. The typography also has glints of black to grey gradients, reflecting the grey areas in moral compasses and perceived values.