Chen Nguyen

We were commissioned to design the brand identity and packaging for a durian pastry manufacturer and distributor in Vietnam.

The design primarily utilises two key design elements – shape and colour – to be integrated seamlessly into the overall visual construct. To be primarily produced and distributed in Vietnam and China, these shapes and colours have to be easily identifiable and distinctive. The visual elements are used to highlight and distinguish the different origins of each flavour.


Using elements inherent in the logo type, the alphabets ‘n’ and ‘u’ are creatively merged to form basic shapes – an oval for durian, a circle for salted egg, and a triangle for yam. This draws inspiration from well-known characteristics of each flavour, with the oval representing the durian seed, and the circle representing the full yolk found in salted eggs, for example.



Each flavour will also have a unique colour scheme – green for durian, orange for salted egg, and purple for yam. These colours are common hues associated with the respective flavours and their key ingredients.